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Featured Writer

Jay (@Timestream), Alistair or who we've dubbed the "BanHammer" and on most occasions the "Canon Nazi" because he is a stickler for bio, backstory, and face claim; is a co-founder of the LivVerse™ and the creator of the Storyline for The Originals as well as writes for many of the top rated characters there. He is the creator of the sister universe Creed Writing™, and tends to be quite protective over the group as does Olivia. He writes for many accounts, most notably Alistair Creed (@MyDarkCreed), Carmen Creed (@MyBrokenCreed), Cadence Lee (@Observe_Silence), and Talea Taischi (@AlwaysATaishi)

Featured Character

Carmen Creed is the husband of Olivia Creed and the "father" to Liv's "mother" of the Verse. More specifically, he's the father figure to the younger portion of the Creed Family. His official job title is Chief of Security for Guilty Pleasures, which also includes keeping an eye on, and hiring, the female dancers. However his real job is mostly taking care of his wife and making sure she doesn't get herself into too much trouble.

He was once the neurological puppetmaster behind Axomis Blackcloak after being abducted from the original Hope's Enigma when he was a child. When he realized Axomis was abusing Olivia...



Character Quotes

When I'm good, I'm very good...but when I'm bad, I'm so much better.

Olivia Creed, to Jamie Kaine about her career as space pirate.

I learned many things being dead. It's boring and the music sucks.

Cadence Lee, to Giuliana Aurora about being dead.

No Katie without Sammie. This is my Promise. This is my Oath. This is my Creed.

Katie Birchall, to Sam after she was resurrected.

Good job, boss. You've officially joined the dark side.

Midori Quentus to Dylan Creed after he had successfully stolen a Cerberus ship.

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Role-playing can be a fun and entertaining way to pass time and meet friends. With so many MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) available today, more people turn to Twitter and other social media outlets (they even RP on Tumblr and Pinterest. Weird, I know). Role-playing gives you the freedom other types of gaming lacks. If you are a creative type looking for a way to hone your writing skills while having a good time, then role-playing might be for you. However, before stepping out into the shark tank, here's what not to do.