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General Rules:

  1. Absolutely and positively no godmodding is allowed. When someone godmods, they essentially make the roleplay encounter not fun at all. They also dictate what all characters do and how they are affected. This is a social faux pas and a fucking NO NO!! Unless it's discussed through private conversations, which it has been from time to time, this is not and will not be tolerated.
  2. Please try to make every situation as realistic as you can. Play your character as though they were a real person with emotions, feelings, and the like. If the character giggles a lot, then this should happen every other tweet or so. Also, react accordingly. There's no way to take out an army of husks without one of them catching up to you and hurting you at some point. Hell, even Commander Shepard got outrun from time to time.
  3. Please try to keep your writing IC, and try not to stray into OOC please. It interrupts things and makes things difficult. This is why DMs or personal accounts were and should be created.
  4. Insults between characters are insults between characters, not to be taken personally. Also, character drama is fine, it's just peer to peer drama that's unacceptable. Too many OOC posts and you will be muted, then unfollowed.
  5. If you have established a relationship between your character and another, please be mindful of this. Use your companion as a help with your writer's block, or try to use them to formulate a story.
  6. If you see a role play happening between two characters, please don't intervene in that thread. This is rude because they might be in the middle of an important moment in the character's story, or the like. If you do intervene, don't be hurt if you get no attention.
  7. Please attempt to string your tweets together like a thread to make the RP readable. If you have issues trying to figure this one out, please see Olivia or Alistair. Hopefully soon, this will be a requirement and not optional.