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Don't let my last name fool you.
Biological Information
Birthplace: UNAS, Earth
Date of Birth: February 14, 2166
Gender: Female
Race: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair Color: Dk. Brown
Eye Color: Dk. Brown
Family Information
Father: ?
Mother: ?
Brothers: ?
Sisters: ?
Past Romances: ?
Marital Status: ?
Children: None (Sterile)
Character Information
Abilities: Can be imprinted with any ability. Varies depending on engagement.
Weapons: ?
Engagement: Infiltrate the Systems Alliance Navy's ranks to gather intelligence.
Affiliations: Cerberus, Systems Alliance Intelligence Command
Face Claim: Chloe Bennet
Subject India was part of a second wave of semi-successful tests for the Dollhouse Program created by Ophelia Marcellus. This group of subjects consisted of India, Juliet, Oscar, Sierra, and November. Out of the five subjects, India has the most tech skills since she was an Alliance Intelligence officer prior to becoming part of the program. Juliet is a master of the Dollhouse program. November is a sleeper agent on engagement with Captain Ezra Kelvin. Oscar is the second male created to date (Alpha being the first) and is still in stasis for the time being.

The "Doll" program is now back into full production as part of a mariage between Cerberus and Abstergo Industries. India has been awakened and can be imprinted with identities, personalities, skills, and false memories in order to be sent into the galaxy on engagements; a term used by Ophelia for an Active Doll's mission.

Currently, India is imprinted with the personality of Agent Keiki Tequila, a personality artificially created from her original personality and blended with bits of Commander Shepard's (as an Infiltrator) skill set. The memories of her previous personal life and the memory of being captured by Cerberus have been scrubbed and wiped. She has increased reflexes for a human, and possess no biotics. She is on a prolonged and permanent engagement created by Ophelia for infiltration int the Alliance.