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I'll succeed where all of my predecessors have failed. I was engineered to bring the fear back into those that oppose Cerberus.
Biological Information
Birthplace: Sicily, Italy, UNAS, Earth
Date of Birth: February 28, 2165
Gender: Female
Race: Italian/Other
Ethnicity: Italian
Height: 5ft. 9in.
Weight: 145lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Family Information
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brothers: None
Sisters: None
Past Romances: None
Marital Status: Married to Malcolm Marcellus
Children: None (Sterile)
Character Information
Abilities: Can be imprinted with any ability. Varies depending on engagement.
Weapons: Revolver, Shotgun, Throwing Knives.
Engagement: Malcolm Macellus, for Ophelia Marcellus.
Affiliations: Cerberus
Face Claim: Jasmine Sanders
Subject Echo was one of the first of five test subjects for the "Doll" program created by Ophelia Marcellus, along with the notorious Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Out of the five early test subjects, all were female, and only two are alive today. Alpha and Bravo were killed in the initial testing and Delta was euthanized when she was deemed brain dead. Charlie was unstable and left for dead on a mission, and Echo was frozen once the program had been deemed a success.

The "Doll" program is now back into full swing as part of Cerberus and Abstergo Industries. Echo has been awakened and can be imprinted with identities, personalities, skills, and false memories in order to be sent into the galaxy on engagements; a term used by Ophelia for an Active's mission.

Currently, Echo is imprinted with the personality of Ariana Valentin, a personality artificially created with Dr. Briella Turner's genius, Olivia Creed's charm and negotiation skills, and Norah Creed's murderous tendencies. She has increased reflexes for a human, and possess no biotics. She is currently on a prolonged and permanent engagement created by Ophelia for her son, Malcolm.